When you can barely meet your own basic needs, home repair becomes your last priority.  Unfortunately, over time, your home could actually become unsafe or dangerous to live in.  Let's make certain this doesn't happen on our watch. 


*I lost my job in 2004 and I got behind in a lot of my bills.  Then I had a medical emergency and spent a week in the hospital with no insurance.  It took me many months before I was able to find a full time job.  After many years, I was finally able to catch up on bills by working two jobs.  There are still times when I have to choose between buying food or  buying medicine. When things break, I can't replace them.  My neighbors told me for years that I needed a new roof.  I couldn't afford that so I filled out an application for Rebuilding Together Portage and my house was accepted!  Rebuilding Together plus about 30 volunteers TOGETHER gave me the new roof!  They gave me hope!  They gave me much more than that as well.  They MADE A DIFFERENCE IN MY LIFE.  Now I'm giving back to the community.  I have been a volunteer every year since then.  LH 2014


**I never could have done all of the this work by myself.  Rebuilding Together - Portage was a life saver to me.  My roof was in very bad shape and my windows were broken.  They actually got ice on them during the winter!  Thank you so much! It's great to be comfy in my house again.  DD 2015